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USBC Silver Coach, Gary Oatis, Las Vegas, NV.




At True Bowler Adjustments we know your practice time and bowling activities are important. We offer a diverse skill set to meet the competitive and recreational interests of our customers from around the world and the local Las Vegas community.  Whether you are looking to meet new friends when you bowl, or professional help getting to the top of your bowling game, True Bowler Adjustments is here for you. This is truly the first bowling book of its kind for making bowling adjustments.

Bowling alone??? Join the True Bowler Nation and enjoy your bowling. (5000+ friends and facebook family members.)

Contact True Bowler Adjustments today for a lesson or answers to your questions. 702-809-0655 - Texting is okay. :-)

Modern bowling balls are great!!!

- However, one thing is certain, no matter who you are, or how good you are, you have to learn to adjust! -Coach Gary    

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True Bowler Book

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True Bowler



    Now you can get help making adjustments on the spot.

    Lots of times you don't know what to do...

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               COACH IN A BAG HELP CARDS


             Two sided laminated 6 x 8 inch Help Cards with 15 adjustments on each side to help you when you ball is not hooking to the pocket. Also, additional help on the flip side, to assist you when you need to get your bowling ball further down lane when it is hooking too much. Especially, when your are facing the dry as the sahara desert lane conditions.


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